Casual Elegance

goldFotor062094052Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right 

After shattering my iPhone screen at the start of the month (courtesy of a little hand talking and a lot of Twisted Tea) I had it replaced with gold glass. It’s very flashy and has totally grown on me! Inspired by it’s shiny little self, I put together four more golden looks I’m loving today. Tim and I decided to celebrate my birthday in Saskatoon this weekend since the 24th falls on a Tuesday, and how perfectly convenient is it that tomorrow happens to be the longest day of the year? Celebrations fo-eva. >:)

– I think State & Occupation’s very own ampersand would like this.
– A beautiful and dainty collection of painted ballerinas.
– A Kanye West inspired life goal that made me giggle.
– Can’t stop laughing over this Drunk In Love video.
15 healthy donut recipes. Omg.

Happy Friday! xo


8 thoughts on “Casual Elegance

  1. I missed your birthday during my hiatus, but I hope it was lovely! It’s actually the day before my mom’s, so I’m sure we were doing some planning around the same time:) Hope you enjoyed Saskatoon!

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