Happy Birthday, State & Occupation!

hbdso“With writing, we have second chances.” ―Jonathan Safran Foer

Left: A year ago I created my first post on what I called “dakotabee.wordpress.com“. I had read that you should always have some meat on your blog bones before unleashing it into the world, so I kept it under wraps until there were Five. Whole. Posts. It was torture! But once it was ready, I held it up like Rafiki held Simba over Pride Rock for everyone to see. I was terrified and very proud of my newborn blog. Now, exactly a year later, it’s totally become a part of me. It holds memories and words and thoughts that I otherwise might have lost and I’m crazy about the way it connects me to other people. State & Occupation has been viewed over 11,000 times and I’d like to say thank you if 1, 10 or 100 of those clicks were yours. I’d write even if no one read- but my heart is so happy when you do.

Middle: This week I had a thought. Tim and I took a trip veeery early on in our relationship for Valentines Day. We went to the mountains on a whim. We bought fudge, took naps and drank coffee (he took his black, which I recall thinking was very classy and handsome and cool). I wore a sea-foam green coat with dark orange mittens and ate a candy apple. We blew off most plans that involved us leaving the hotel. We listened to the same song on repeat. We said “I love you”.
And then: we kicked ourselves all the way home for not taking any pictures.
But then this week, a year and a half later- I had a thought. I’m glad there are no pictures. I don’t want my memories of that snowy weekend in the mountains altered in any way.  If I don’t remember it quite right, that’s fine by me. Because it’s a memory that makes me endlessly happy to revisit exactly the way it is.

Right: Every so often my face pops up around here, but I realized there’s a totally real possibility that a reader who misses a post here and there might not actually know what I look like. And, if I’m ever gonna get chased down on the street by adoring fans, I figure I better make sure you all do! (Hehe) So that’s me- I have blonde hair, I sleep with the TV on, I have a really messy signature, my nickname is Dak and I’m scared of burglars.

Wishing everyone a morning full of coffee, birthday cake and confetti.
Happy Wednesday!


13 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, State & Occupation!

  1. 11 000! Ermahgerd so famous. Maybe if my blog eats all it’s vegetables it can grow as big and tall as yours is. Congrats, you deserve it 🙂

    • Awww thank you Cait! ❤
      I meant to tell you- if you ever feel insignificant, please know that a spider crawled across MY BED SHEETS Monday night (likely on a mission to walk across my FACE) and because of you, I didn't kill it.
      p.s. I'm waiting ever so patiently for a new post… please keep pumpin' microbeplanet full of spinach:)

      • It just wanted to cuddle! Always happy to know my influence is saving lives 😛
        I knowwww, I’ve just been so busy. But I’m about 3/4 through a new one now! Probably will post it tomorrow

  2. Happy 1st b-day Dak who is blonde scared of burglars. Really…who isn’t?? Scared of Burglars (not blonde) that is.

    • Hahah thank you Rich!
      True- my fear might have something to do with the time I watched a guy try to break in to my house while I was on the roof. Remind me to tell that story over wine and cheese next time :p

  3. I just found my way to your blog a few days ago, so I haven’t been responsible for very many site visits, but I hope they add up in the future as you look like a lot of fun!

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