This Is What Makes Us Girls

lanadeleverythingLeft: I saw this and got actual butterflies. BUTTERFLIES! Over un-inflated balloons! Who am I? I feel so inspired and giddy just thinking about decorating with my own balloons in jars. I’m imagining an all white home office with a lucite desk and chair, these on a shelf and this on the wall. The photo comes from Studio DIY, a blog run by a woman who oozes creativity. I could scroll for hours looking at all her happy crafts and adorable photos!

Middle:  I’m on a serious Lana Del Rey kick and I find her spacey demeanor in interviews so fascinating. I’ve read articles stating that her thoughts on love and life are unhealthy and I have to say- I think that’s the reason I’m so obsessed. Her lyrics about feeling crazy and shamelessly putting love before everything strikes something in me, as does her ability to be brutally raw and honest. Her lyrics give a very real look into the vulnerability that surrounds you when you fall in love and she might be the only human on the planet who can sing the “F” word in such a classy way.

Right: Despite my work’s best efforts to turn our office into a winter wonderland with excessive A/C, I’ve been loving dressing for the +25 lunch hours I spend outside. Stripes somehow go with everything and I am crazy about this pretty little outfit!

PS: my new favourite trend and a really great headline.
Happy Hump Day! xox


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