Gone Grey

grayFotor0729104456Left:  I became wildly obsessed with this photo this week. It’s so scandalous and perfect.

Middle: Grey on grey makes for the comfiest of outfits and I think I could live happily in a sea of charcoals, slates and ashes for the next month or 6.

Right: I found a grey hair inhabiting my ‘do quite a while back. I ran around screaming “WTF get off my noggin’ I’m 20 years old” and I thankfully haven’t spotted one since. However, now that I’ve layed eyes on this seriously pretty grey mane I’m happy to announce I’m hoping to go grey by 25!
Just kidding. 🙂 Kind of.



On another note, after watching from the sidelines while National Pink Day and National Kiss Day passed me by, I decided I needed to invest some time in finding out when these unofficial holidays were happening so I could prepare accordingly (AKA stage a celebratory photo for Instagram… Just kidding. Kind of.) I took the time to scan through the month of August and find the holidays I think are worth celebrating (no offense to Petroleum Day and Toilet Paper day.. I’m sure someone will enjoy celebrating you). Here they are:


August 1, 2014 is National Girlfriends Day! (another holiday to celebrate myself? Oh no, please, I couldn’t… >:)
August 3, 2014 is National Watermelon Day! AND National Sister’s Day!
August 18, 2014 is National Cupcake Day! (I’m a Muffin girl myself, but I wouldn’t say no to a batch of these. Realistically, I’d backflip out a window for a batch of those.)
August 31, 2014 is Go Topless Day!

Happy Tuesday, I hope you’ll find SOMETHING worth celebrating today.


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