City of Stitches

I have great news! I have learned how to knit!
My great friend and human of many talents Greg taught me last night, and I am now on my way to creating a giant, cozy, mustard-yellow infinity scarf. It was after 10:30pm by the time I had packed up my 3 hours of work (you’d be shocked at how little it looks like I accomplished), and we got to chatting about art and the people behind it. “I met a writer who refuses to read, watch TV and hardly leaves the house,” Greg said. “She doesn’t want her ideas to be tainted.”

We agreed that in order to gain any inspiration, you have to live, experience, learn, love, fail and fall. The four walls surrounding me in my house and the vault of memories in my brain are good places to start, but I find myself needing to be freshly inspired every day. Perfectly sculpted circular shrubs in the front yard of a house in BC, a green velvet skirt paired with an old black printed t-shirt, a yellow leaf the size of my face, a mirrored box full of prematurely bought Christmas gifts, walking across the city’s highest bridge just as it lights up in gold, imagining all of the little lives happening under one roof in an apartment building, a baby’s teeny toes and the creepy Alf doll sticking out of a box in the basement have all been sources of inspiration for me recently. Maybe the outfit is one I’ll copy and the Alf doll just might have inspired me to stage a little photoshoot with my cat. Because he eats cats. Remember?

You’ve got to check all the nooks and crannies; because that’s where inspiration lives, and that’s a lesson I am definitely learning. In order to create, write, draw, and inspire- you have to go out and live, on purpose.

Happiest hump day! Two things to remember here, and here. xo!

images via: [top left, top right, bottom left, bottom right]


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