To Be Wonderful.


“You are a tree that grew from a seed I never planted. I never bothered asking where you came from, I just started loving the smell of your branches, and falling asleep in your shade.” – Tyler Knott Gregson

Left: My brain has been in non-stop obsession mode over moving out and having my own little house. Decorating it and filling it with groceries, a cat and offices made out of closets. Growing up my dad always talked about a moment in his young life when a switch flicked and he could no longer stand living at home. That switch flicked for me. A year ago.

Middle: Okay, I am a little interested in money. There are serious ups and serious downs about trying to make it as a freelance writer. The ups this week have included doing an interview wrapped in a blanket on the floor, drinking wine at 2pm and landing a cool new job. The downside includes a big question mark when it comes to what my monthly income will look like. But more than consistency, a room full of money or a crowd of adoring fans, I really really do just want to be wonderful. I think that’s what keeps me going. As the saying goes, “Introduce yourself until you don’t have to introduce yourself anymore”.

Right:  I think about this morning all the time. A morning in the summer when I woke up in Kelowna, BC in the comfiest bed. It was my first time ever sleeping under the stars in the box of a truck. I woke up once during the night because it was lightly raining and hitting my face, but I just snuggled deeper under the blankets. By 8am it was already a gorgeous day, and a few minutes after this photo was taken, I rolled out of bed, grabbed a coffee to-go and hopped in the boat to go wake surfing.

PS: State & Occupation now has a Facebook page! Yay!

PPS: something to help you pick out a costume,
something to help you waste time
and a new method of payment that would surely
leave me broke. 🙂 Happy Saturday! xo


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