We Found Wonderland

wonderlandFotor01026203955My snowy grey day was in need of a little magic, so I rounded up 10 magical links:

  1. Cookie Monster stars as Furry Potter in Sesame Streets rendition of Harry Potter (Seeing that guy in a maroon and gold scarf is SO worth the five minute lesson on how to listen carefully).
  2. A hotel that looks straight out of a fairytale in the Chilean Patagonian Rainforest. I’ll take a one-way ticket to Chile, please!
  3. A couples costume that I actually really, really like.
  4. Refreshingly orignal fairytale themed engagement shoots!
  5. This cat cruisin’ around on a roomba dressed as Princess Jasmine (hahaha).
  6. Whimsical tights featuring a sneaky little dude climbing your leg.
  7. Make your own “magic shell” using coconut oil for homemade dipped ice-cream cones!
  8. Glow in the dark ghost nails for halloween on Friday.
  9. An article on magical thinking, and how it just might lurk in us all.
  10. Perhaps my most enchanting find of the day- wine in a can.

PS! There’s something truly magical about the release of a new Taylor Swift album isn’t there?! 1989 has a serious Lana del Rey-meets-Lorde vibe to it, dontcha think? Back to endlessly listening I go, go, go.

xo, Happy Monday!

(all photos from my Instagram)


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