Music To Watch Boys To

Image-1I have 10 days left of being 22! In my dreams I spend them under a palm tree in my new sunglasses listening to Lana all day long. In reality, I’ll be working and writing and dreaming and doing which I guess is all a 20-something can really ask for. I’m lucky and I know it, but it doesn’t keep my head from peeking up into the clouds every now and then.

Writing and managing social media for a living is totally a dream, but it definitely takes a toll on your creativity. By 5 o’clock Friday afternoon I can’t fathom crafting another Instagram caption… hence the tumbleweeds that have been blowing by State & Occupation lately. That being said, I have managed to launch one teeny tiny extra project (here!) that I am super excited about growing… I think I’ve finally found a home that my passion for vegetarianism can live in.

Recap of my 22nd year on earth: A year ago I was interning for the magazine company that published my very first articles, then I was busy planning the festivities leading up to my sister’s wedding and standing next to her as she became a wife, then I was on a surfboard in beautiful blissful Kelowna, then I was collaborating with brands for my blog, then we were frolicking through a pumpkin patch in Saskatoon during my month long visit, then I learned how to knit and made a mustard yellow scarf, then I was dressed as a piece of sushi for Halloween, then 2 more companies published my articles, then I was drinking eggnog in my coffee every morning, then I celebrated my 2 year anniversary with Tim♥, then I was popping champagne and fireball in the mountains with the boys saying “adios” to 2014, then came my obsession with reading and taking on 20 books at a time, then I went on a series of fun trips to snowboard and visit friends, then I was FINALLY hired to work full time as a Social Media Coordinator, then I walked the stage and graduated college. Now I’m here, munching on some pretzels.

Screen Shot 2015-06-14 at 6.54.19 PM

It’s been a year full of laughing and smooching and wine drinking and writing and more inspiration than I could ask for. I am nervous and excited for what 23 brings as Tim moves a little further from me to pursue his dreams and I carry on with mine. Thank you a million for reading, and feel free to follow along on instagram for more timely life updates. xxo


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