The Morning

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 3.55.14 PMA few months ago I started setting my alarm for 5am every morning. I’d get up, read a little, drink a coffee, and then take our sweet dog Em for a walk to watch the sunrise- all before starting work at 8am. I did this based on the notion floating around that getting up early is the key to happiness- and I did experience a lot of happiness. I would wake up excited for a mug of coffee and even more excited to see what the sunrise would look like that day. Each morning on my walk through the country roads, I would cross paths with an old man wearing a fluorescent safety vest. He’d say good morning, pet Em, make the same joke about taking her home with him and then carry on. One morning when we crossed paths he had something for me- a fluorescent safety vest.
“There!” he said, satisfied with himself after adjusting it on my shoulders. “Now you’ll be safe.” I’m just not sure if that kind of sweetness exists in the regular hours of the day.

Happy Sunday! Enjoy a little roundup of clickables:
– An Instagram account you didn’t know you needed to follow.
– A quote on the lasting effects of love.
– An article for creatives appropriately titled, You Don’t Get to Decide What’s Good.

[images via: left, middle, right uncredited]


4 thoughts on “The Morning

  1. It’s funny that you post about this. My sleeping schedule has been so incredibly messed up since I began working from home, and I’ve been trying to find the motivation to get up earlier, but it’s just. so. hard. I don’t think I will be able to do 5 am, but I certainly want to try 6 or 6:30. What helped you be able to get up earlier..other than the inspiration and peacefulness of winter mornings?

    • Aw I hear you. Working from home had me all messed up too haha! I got an app called Sleep Cycle, its purpose is to wake you at the lightest point of your sleep cycle so you don’t wake up feeling like a zombie- you could try that! xo

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