I Have Questions

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I recently learned about the Buddhist teaching “See the Glass as Already Broken”. This concept is about recognizing that everything has a beginning and an end, and  remembering this can help you appreciate what you have in the moment (whether it’s a glass, car, phone, or a sweatshirt) and feel less pain and more acceptance once it’s gone. Life is in a constant state of change- everything will crumble, it’s just a matter of when. This got me thinking about relationships. If we accepted that ours would inevitably end (and I’m not talking when death-does-us-part), wouldn’t we approach it differently? Wouldn’t we enjoy every moment a little more, and dwell on issues a little less? Wouldn’t each other’s flaws seem far more trivial? Would our relationship last longer the moment we stop telling it it has to?
Forgive my Carrie Bradshaw moment here, but when it comes to romantic relationships- is the promise of forever what ultimately tears us apart? 


 Let’s talk about this- I want to hear your thoughts! 

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if you’re really feeling it this morning.
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