Natural Blonde.

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Natural Blonde. Collaged over 3 cups of coffee and season 4 of Sex & the City.


Pantones & Proverbs

collageFotorCreated“They tried to bury us. They didn’t know we were seeds.” – Mexican Proverb

Trust me when I say no one suffers more than me when State & Occupation sits blank for weeks. If at any point your fingers clicked the keys that spell my URL and you were disappointed to find nothing new, I am so sorry and I am sending you all the warmest imaginary knitted scarves to make up for it. Let’s catch up!

On disappointment, December and dreams for 2015:
My dream job opened up a couple months ago and my hopes of getting it were really, really high. Job hunts are exhausting and involve a lot of throwing yourself out there, crossing your fingers and accepting (lots of) rejection- so not getting that specific job felt like the worst cherry on top of a terrible sundae. That being said, December was nothing close to all bad. It was such a full, happy and wine-filled month. I finally made it back to the mountains to spend NYE, had Tim home for a full four weeks and celebrated our two year anniversary, received some incredibly thoughtful and sweet gifts and belly laughed like it was my day job. I have said many times that I love fresh months, but I’m finding a fresh year a little daunting this time around. So in order to not put any extra pressure on myself I’m going to make this years goal simple: to bring consistency back in to my life in every sense. (See last years goals here)

On vegetarianism, polaroids and the bangs I’ll never have:
Next Monday marks half a year of being a vegetarian! I started with a total no-pressure, noncommittal attitude but I’ve since come to really love it and don’t see myself going back. My simple answer for “why?” is this: animals totally don’t need to die for the purpose of filling my belly! I feel better inside and I feel like I’m doing better for the environment outside by giving up meat. I’m a happy little veggie! For Christmas this year I asked for a polaroid camera, and Tim delivered. I’m now on the hunt for creative ways to store my precious little polaroids that are currently locked in my cold dark wallet… any suggestions are welcome! And speaking of welcome, I’d like to welcome my forehead to become one that can house these bangs. Or these. Or these.

On my new library card and unexpected opportunities that are too new to talk about but I will anyways:
Last night I got my first library card since racking up several dollars in late fees as a 12 year old (I swear I’ve read every Babysitters Club book ever written). I checked out 14 books! I’m starting with a book written for writers called The Creative Compass and so far, so great. The other 13 are a mix of more how-to-be-a-better-writer books, vegetarian cookbooks, How to be Parisian Wherever You Are, If You Have to Cry Go Outside and one about celebrating the tiny wonderful things that I wish I wrote. I was back at the library this morning and presented with a cool little unexpected opportunity that would involve me turning children into baby broadcasters through a 10 week Television and Radio course for homeschooled kiddos!

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PS: Did you know we have a Pantone of the year? It’s this and I like it.
Also, pantone phone cases for the intense colour enthusiasts.
Lastly, my all time favourite proverb, here.
Happy Tuesday! xo.