These Girls Born in the 90’s are Dangerous

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*Blogged while drinking an XXL
peppermint tea, dreaming of
beaches and listening to this,
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As I’ve mentioned before, I keep notes in my phone of things that inspire me. Sometimes it’s an idea, a quote, a song lyric, something bizarre I overhear in someone’s conversation or a half sentence that I think would sound good in a book. And sometimes I come across one so vague and without context that it makes me burst out laughing in a coffee shop 5 months later:

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 8.34.53 PMANYWHO, I wanted to create a post featuring a couple of the quotes I’ve collected because they’re too good to keep locked away in my marbled iPhone.

“You and me is a place I hope we travel to one day.”
Nick Miller 

“Inspiration owes you absolutely nothing, other than the pleasure of its company.”
-Elizabeth Gilbert

“You have to be in love when you don’t feel any particular tenderness, when bills are late or the trash hasn’t been emptied or you’re feeling underappreciated or when the ugly monsters from your past have convinced you that what happened then — whatever heartbreak exists in your memory — is here and real and will happen again.”
Jamie Varon

“How much of the suffering and anguish and white-knuckling that you’re doing in your life right now has to be there?”
-Elizabeth Gilbert

“It’s so hard to write sometimes, I’m afraid of what I’ll read.”
-Lady Gaga

“When you’re the most happening person at the party, it’s time to leave.”👋
-Kelly Cutrone

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Familiar Muse

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Today Tim and I played tourists in the city of Saskatoon to celebrate our last Saturday here together. I use the word “celebrate” loosely, because I am really going to miss visiting him here. I have fallen in love with the city and all the memories it holds of our relationship. Here’s to hoping Vancouver has a little space for us to bloom, too. ❤️️

Top Left: I think I could be a far more productive cubicle dweller if this was my chair. It’s a reasonable office supply request, right?

Top Right: When I found this picture it reminded me of all the things that inspired me to write when I first started this blog. I wanted a place where I could spew endless positivity and celebrate the little things- like pink donuts with police officer sprinkles. State & Occupation had it’s 2nd birthday last week and I found myself fondly reminiscing on old posts like this onethis one, & this one.

Bottom Left: I have found so much inspiration in the work of Chicago based artist Mari Orr. Like, you’ve got to be kidding me with this pineapple skin crocodile…

Bottom Right: I’ve never seen a psychic before, but my Nana recently sent over a recording of her visit with one from February. Though I’m not totally sold that this woman possessed a true magical talent, she did hit the nail on the head when she spoke about me, my love for my little brother and my relationship with Tim. She referenced his good looks and my Nana gushed, “Oh yeah, when we were first introduced I called him Brad all night because he looks like Brad Pitt!” Hehe- I’m definitely intrigued to see a psychic of my own now. Have you ever seen one?!

Happy Saturday. xo

Imagination Affirmation


Things my imagination is for: 
Confetti and sunsets and colour and calm. For rose gold and balloons and baby kittens and endless beaches. For creating and writing and inspiration collecting. For nudity and betterment and loving against the odds.

Things my imagination is not for:
Rehashing, reliving and revamping old negativity. Mixing ingredients for worst case scenarios, blurring realities and tightening knots in my stomach.

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The Beginning Is Near


“Tell your heart that the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself.” -Paulo Coelho

Left: As I mentioned a couple posts back, I’ve been on a serious reading streak. I finished reading White Girl Problems and its sequel Psychos a couple weeks ago and can’t recommend them enough if you’re looking for a hilariously addicting book. Inside you’ll find quotes from the faux author like “Sorry I texted you 93 times last night“, “I’ve learned that while ex-cons may not make the best drivers or boyfriends, they really are the best at getting you in shape,” and “That’s the thing about college—you pay a ton of money just to realize that everyone is a fucking moron.” She’s essentially this emoji 24/7. informationdeskperson Middle: While I am sad to announce my days of working in my undies and knee-highs all day long are quickly coming to an end, I am unbelievably excited to announce that I have landed a really amazing job. Freelancing for the last few months has been a fun adventure that has given me wild amounts of freedom but I am so thrilled to be returning to stability tomorrow morning! Ps- this post might come in handy for me this week.

Right: Have you ever wondered what your nude body looks like to other people? I found out- the teeny booty is my favourite part.

Wishing you the best (last!) week of April. xo!

I’m Up With the Kites


“Yes, this is a magical moment for us and I’m glad that us is an ever expanding concept.” –Dallas Clayton

A couple days ago a question asked planted a very uninvited idea in my mind. “Are you just going to spend your entire 20’s in a long distance relationship?”

My entire 20’s…? What a terrifying concept. I hadn’t thought about my age in a long time until that moment. I’m 2 years in to these 20’s and as I’ve said more than once, I often feel more lost than I did when I was a teenager. A few years back I swore I had it all figured out- but now shudder to imagine having acted on those things I thought I wanted when I was 16.. 17.. 18. Will I look back at 22 and be confused by my choices? I don’t know. What I do know is that I am really, really, really in love with someone who is really, really, really good to me. Someone that says things like “you wanna take a bath or something?” and swears I make him better. So why shouldn’t I have my head in the clouds? Why shouldn’t I bet against the odds in this long distance relationship? If this is the decade where we’re ‘supposed’ to do all the things, see all the places and experience everything- why should love be excluded from that?

– I have read this over and over and am still so inspired
– I need this on a shirt. And a hat. And a mug.
-If looking to Milhouse for vegan inspiration is wrong, I don’t want to be right.
– My last cloudy post, here.

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Happy Friday! xxo

The Architecture of a Daydream

IMG_8348Any creative person has probably fallen in to the “everything has been done before” slump at some point. Today I am so inspired by the creativity of others that reminds me “no it hasn’t,” and by anyone brave enough to pursue even the smallest slice of their dreams.

Top Left: I came across this instagram account run by Marjorie Lacombe. She’s in the midst of a photo series called “Watch It!” where she explores how many things she can fit on a watch (so far she’s done limes, peanut butter and jelly, eggs, sprinkles, sequins, ravioli, pom-poms) and the photos are so pleasing for the eyeballs.

Top Right: Is there anything happier than little baby surfers in your morning coffee? (104 days till summer!)

Bottom Left: A quick peek at my inspiration-board will tell you I am reeeeally drawn to creative nudity and mixed media, so naturally this is one of my favourites from a photo series by Mashara Wachjudy called “Ladies of the Land“.

Bottom Right: Tim and I talk a lot about the fearlessness that comes with childhood. I have a million and one memories of being a careless little kid, riding the rides at the amusement park with no fear and complete trust in the carnies who put them together. I envy that feeling now when I find myself ferociously scribbling new additions to my list of worries (aka not trusting the carnies of life- ha!). I made a note for myself to remember that when the days feel too grey and everything feels bad it probably means I have slipped up on celebrating all the little things that I preach. Like this. And this. Or these. Or this.

Happy Monday! xxo

“Faaaaavourite Thiiiiings”

I hope you read that in Oprah’s voice.

How is your February going? Mine is going insanely fast and I suffered a long round of writer’s block. Writing felt like work and I really, really, really didn’t like that feeling. Right around the same time my favourite magic lady was talking about Mercury Retrograde, which I learned is something that happens 3 to 4 times a year when the planet Mercury slows down and appears to move backwards- during this time believers say delays and misunderstandings and other general negativities are abundant. Whether you think it’s nonsense or not, I’m not one to pass up a great excuse to explain my lack of productivity.
I wanted to share 3 of my favourite things that I’ve been collecting for you this month. 1.) I came across this simple palm reading guide and found it interesting (I have air hands, fall in love easily, am creative and full of energy). Do it and tell me your findings! 2.) This Boom Clap cover is so good, I can’t stop playing it. 3.) Frankly I’m surprised I’ve made it through 22 birthdays without this ring.

Happy Thursday! xxo

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Fridays Inspo

3womenSoon you will find yourself in more and more situations you don’t want to run from. At work you’ll realize that you’ve spent the entire day in your body, really in it, not imagining what you look like to the people who surround you but just being who you are. You are a tool being put to its proper use. That changes a lot of things.”
-Lena Dunham, Not That Kind of Girl

Today I’m offering the best advice I’ve found around the web this week:
– advice for writers that terrified and excited me
– advice for insecure cat owners
– advice for single ladies dreading Valentines Day
– advice on making your pets appear less miserable
– advice on patenting your ideas for free
– advice on justifying your antisocial tendencies

I’d love to hear which piece of advice was your favourite.
Have the best weekend, & happiest Friday! xo.
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